Grant Guidelines

The Beaver County Foundation makes grants to support the work of non-profit tax exempt organizations in or serving Beaver County. Certain Donor Advised Funds may make grants beyond the Beaver County region. Governmental units are also eligible to receive Foundation support, provided the purpose of the grant request goes beyond the expected limits of government service. No grants are made to individuals.

The Beaver County Foundation is comprised of more than 55 funds with two funds having discretionary authority with regard to grants. The Acorn Fund is supported by members of the board of the Foundation and generally awards grants of not more that $2,000 annually. These guidelines are used primarily for Acorn Fund grants.

Eligible projects and programs

The Foundation encourages proposals for innovative and creative projects that address problems to be solved or opportunities to be seized in the Beaver County area. The general policy of the Foundation is to make grants to programs that are responsive to changing community needs in the areas of health, human services, education and cultural events.

Grants are made only for capital items and for seed money for new agencies, or new projects by established agencies. The Foundation does not fund operations or to pay off deficits. Grants to churches and religious organizations are made in cases where projects clearly benefit the entire community. Preference is given to matching grant opportunities.

How to submit a grant proposal

Download the application from the website and complete all portions.

Grant applications are reviewed twice each year in April and October.

All applications must be received by the Beaver County Foundation by April 1 and October 1.

Notification of Decision

The applicant will be notified of the grant or denial by letter after the committee meeting or Board of Directors meeting generally during the last week of April and the last week of October.


Grant recipients will be asked to submit a written evaluation of the project or program after all work has been completed.