Beaver County Foundation List of Established Funds

General Purpose Funds

Benjamin Franklin Fund

Established through the Will of Benjamin Franklin with a bequest of $25,000 in 1992, this fund provides annual awards that recognize entrepreneurial activities in Beaver County.   The fund is used to fund the Ben Franklin Award. Recipients often select a local organization to receive an award in their honor.

Acorn Fund

Established by the board of directors of the foundation with annual contributions, this fund will eventually provide for general purpose grants. This is a long-term fund maintained by small contributions of $100 annually from the foundation board. On July 22, 2010 the foundation received a gift in the amount of $80,323.53 following the death of Judge J. Q. Salmon. In the 1960s a free Healthfair was held in Beaver County, organized by businessman Edward Sahli, Sr. The Healthfair was free, but many businesses and individuals contributed to the event. After Mr. Sahli’s passing in 1989, Judge Salmon acquired custody of the funds in the name of the Beaver County Foundation. Judge Salmon died on September 30, 2009 at the age of 102. The fund was then transferred to the current Beaver County Foundation.

J. Q. Salmon Fund

The J. Q. Salmon Fund is a general purpose fund established on February 23, 2013 through the estate of the Honorable Jacob Quint Salmon a lawyer and former Judge of the Beaver County Court. The amount of the bequest was $476,000. The fund preferences are for projects and programs which favor Judge Salmon’s residence, the city of Beaver Falls, as well as those organizations in which he served.

Scholarship Funds

The Ambridge Scholarship Fund was formed by a group of alumni who planned a 50’s class reunion. Each year awards are made to a group of 10 to 15 graduates of Ambridge High School.

The Ambridge High School Football Alumni Fund scholarship is given to an Ambridge football player who has distinguished academically, athletically and in leadership.

The Robert Wayne and Alda Jane Cole Scholarship Fund was created by Mr. Cole with a gift of $25,000 in memory of his wife. An award of $1,500 is given annually. The award is for graduating senior of Hopewell High School.

The Al Troiano Scholarship Fund was created by the family and friends of Al Troiano the former Superintendent of Western Beaver School District who passed away in 2001. The initial gift was in the amount of $5,400.

The Fred “Coach” Latherow Scholarship Fund was established by the family and friend of Fred Latherow, long time coach at Western Beaver High School. For more than 30 years “coach” Latherow serves as a mentor, counselor and friend to hundreds of Western Beaver students. An annual award of $750 is made to a student athlete from Western Beaver who demonstrates leadership, scholarship and character.

The Ellwood City High School Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund. The  fund was established in 2007 by contributions from graduates of the Ellwood High School Class of 1957. It is to be used to grant one or more scholarships to Ellwood High School or its successor to graduating seniors with preference given to students pursuing a four-year degree with professional training to follow.

The Stanley Polikowski Scholarship Trust was established through a bequest from Stanley Polikowski for students graduating from the Ambridge Area High School. The Ambridge School District transferred the bequest of $413,000, effective August 21, 2002, to the Beaver County Foundation which serves as the custodian and administrator of the fund. Mr. Polikowski was the former owner and operator of the Baden Hotel and had a love of education.

The Catherine Malesh-Vageonis Scholarship Fund was established by the family and friends of Catherine Malesh-Vageonis with an initial contribution of $5,000 in July of 2004. The scholarship fund is to be used to help support nursing education with preference being given to students from Aliquippa, Ambridge, Center and Hopewell high schools.

The John Knobloch Fund was established by Beaver Resident, John J. Knobloch on October 10, 2005 with gifts of stock that totaled $31,179.30. John Knobloch served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the former Babcock and Wilcox Company in Beaver Falls. The scholarship fund is to be used to provide financial assistance to students seeking to enter the fields of accounting, business, economics and finance with preference given to students from school districts who do not have scholarship funds with the Beaver County Foundation.

The John and Theresa Ditz Wyllie Scholarship Fund was established on September 15, 2008 with a contribution of $25,000. John Wyllie was the woman’s basketball coach at Ambridge High School and his wife Theresa was the sponsor and coach of the cheerleading squad. Their scholarship fund is to be used to make awards to female athletes which will include cheerleaders.

The Richard Zana Memorial Scholarship Fund was created by the family and former students of Richard Zana, the former director of music at Ambridge High School. Mr. Zana died in 2008. The award is given to any Beaver County High School student who has excelled in music.

The Philip H. Inman Excellence in Choral Conducting Arts and Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 by the Beaver Valley Choral Society in recognition of Mr. Philip H. Inman, Artistic Director Emeritus of the Choral Society. Mr. Inman is a former music educator at Rochester High School. Currently, Mr. Raymond Rotuna is the Artistic Director and Sharon Burchell is the Assistant Artistic Director of the Choral Society. Scholarships are awarded to those Beaver County students pursuing conducting education, or music performance at the following schools: Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, Geneva College, Grove City College, or Westminster College.

The Dr. Nick Trombetta Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 by the National Network of Digital Schools in honor of Nick Trombetta, Ed.D. Dr. Tombetta is a pioneer in developing cyber school education and the CEO of The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School.

The Executive Women’s Council Fund was established in June of 2013 with a grant of $5,079 from the council. The fund is to be used to provide financial assistance (scholarships) to one or more women recipients who are pursuing education in order to return to the workplace, seeking upward mobility that requires additional education, or those reentering the workplace.

The Sherri A. Zdunek Medical Scholarship was established as a memorial by her family and friends and is to be awarded to a Medical Student that either has a letter of acceptance or is enrolled in a United States Medical School or United States accredited Osteopathic Medical School. The applicant must have been raised a resident of Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, or Lawrence Counties.

The Domenic Viccari-Ellwood McDonalds Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 in honor of Domenic Viccari, a former council member in Ellwood City. The scholarship grants an award of $1,000 to a graduate of Lincoln High School or Riverside High School.

The Midland Alumni Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance (scholarships) to one or more students who attend a four years of a two years post high school institution. Students would include those who reside in Midland or would have attended Midland High School had it continued to exist.

The James Botti and James Kaplan Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 in honor of James Botti and James Kaplan, former Rochester Area music teachers and former owners of the Brighton Music Center. The Scholarship grants an award of $1,000 to a graduate of Allegheny, Beaver or Butler county high schools who have participated in the instrumental music program who is majoring in music education.

The John James Manjerovic Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 in honor of John James “Monty” Manjerovic. “Monty” worked at the Shippingport Plant of the Beaver Valley Power Station and his children attended and grandchildren now attend school in the South Side School District. He died at an early age from mantle cell lymphoma in 2013. He had a desire for education that was passed onto his children. His children wanted to pass this on to others so they set up this scholarship fund in his memory. Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors from South Side High School.

The Charles Cerjak Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 by the National Network of Digital Schools Foundation in honor of Mr. Charles Cerjak, their former Board Member and past President. Mr. Cerjak was a former teacher at the Beaver County Vocational School and scholarships from this fund are awarded to Beaver County graduating seniors pursuing post secondary education in areas of trades and technology.

The Naomi Sondheimer Scholarship Fund was established by her family in recognition of her 35 years as a teacher in the New Brighton School District. A scholarship of $1,500 is awarded to a New Brighton High School graduating senior who wishes to pursue a teaching career.

The Daniel J. Zuppe Scholarship was established in recognition of his service to the National Network of Digital Schools as a director and board president. A scholarship of $2,500 is awarded to a Beaver County School District graduate attending college.

The Michael Wickline Scholarship Fund was created in his memory by his family in recognition of Michael’s devotion to teaching and passion for coaching. Michael was a teacher and football coach at Riverside High School and also coached football at Geneva College. This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of Riverside High School who plays football at Geneva College.

The Midland Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund was created in July 2015 with an initial contribution from Lincoln Learning Solutions to benefit graduating seniors who are currently residents of Midland, Pennsylvania to provide scholarship assistance for their post-secondary education. The fund will award a scholarship of $500 each year.

The TCM Scholarship was established October 2016 by Tri-County Management(TCM), the parent company of several McDonalds franchises in the area, to help their employees. The scholarship provides funds to be used to grant one or more scholarships for employees of TCM and its related business entities who are high school graduates and are seeking undergraduate education. The employee must be employed by TCM for at least 90 days at the time of the award.

The Charles A. Sciulli Scholarship Fund was established in October of 2017 in memory of Charles A. Sciulli, who was a veteran and who stressed the importance of Catholic education to his children.  This scholarship provides assistance to currently enrolled or graduates of Catholic High Schools in Beaver County or Beaver County residents attending or graduating from neighboring county Catholic High Schools.

Lauree Riley Scholarship Fund was formed in memory of Carolyn Clark, an outstanding athlete from Beaver Falls, grants scholarships to female student athletes from Beaver Falls High School.

The Beaver County Higher Education Pathways Scholarship Fund was created on December 12, 2017 to provide financial resources to graduates of Beaver County high schools who choose to attend Community College of Beaver County, Geneva College, Pennsylvania State University-Beaver and Robert Morris University.

All of these scholarship funds are used to make annual or semi-annual grants to students and require that funds are available for the fall and spring semesters.

Field of Interest Funds

The Baker-Blockhouse Fund was established with the Beaver County Foundation in 2010. The purpose of the fund is to maintain and preserve a historical site of the George Baker II family believed to be, with the Levi Dungan family, the first settlers of Beaver County. George Baker II established a homestead in Center Township in 1772.

The Beaver County Industrial Museum Fund was established with an initial grant of $5,000 from J & L Steel Corporation in part to preserve the history of J&L and other historical items of the industrial heritage of Beaver County.

The Penn’s Woods Equestrian Fund was created in 1995 in part from a special carriage event developed by the late Frank H. Morrow. The fund is to be used for the encouragement and promotion of equestrian education and events in Beaver County.

The Martha J. Fetterly Fund was established on August 12, 1998 with a gift of $25,000 and provided funds to scholarships, and tutoring for students in the Rochester Area School District. Miss Fetterly was a teacher in the district. The fund has been adapted and now provides funding for Lutheran Church programs for the elderly.

The Children’s Home Fund was established in 2001 with the transfer of funds from the Children’s Home Endowment to the Foundation. The initial transfer was in the amount of $670,000. The fund represents the endowment of the former Beaver County Children’s Home for orphaned youth. The fund operates as a “Foundation within a Foundation” and is used to encourage and support programs for youth. Currently the Board of the Children’s Home Fund advises the Foundation manager of its portfolio objectives.

Beaver Area Heritage Foundation is a fund established by a group of Beaver Area residents who wish to preserve and perpetuate the historical significance of the Beaver Area. The Heritage Foundation was begun in 1967 by Harry Philips, owner of the former Beaver Lunch. The funds were transferred to the Beaver County Foundation in September of 2005 with a beginning balance of approximately $100,000.

The Sweetwater Fund was created for the benefit of the Beaver Area Heritage Foundation. The gift was the result of the sale of the Sweetwater Hill Condominium by Mrs. Peggy Smythe March of Sewickley. Mr. Ed McLaughlin, Bovard Anderson, was instrumental in working with Mrs. March to provide this unusual demonstration of personal philanthropy.

Patterson Christian Ministry Fund was established on October 23, 2008 through a grant of $1,551,534. Mrs. Andrew (Ruth) Patterson bequeathed some $3 million to the First Presbyterian Church of Beaver, who in turn contributed approximately 50% to the Beaver County Foundation to form a Christian Ministry Fund in order to spread the Christian message through out Beaver County. Additionally, the fund will continue the support of a mission in Haiti begun by the church and the Patterson Fund.

The Building Hope Fund was established in 2017 to provide equipment, support and tuition assistance for workforce training.

Donor Advised Funds

The Decker-Denko Foundation was established by Dr. Joanne Denko to support ongoing research for a pharmaceutical intervention to drug and alcohol addiction. The initial gift was in the amount of $50,000.

The Dioguardi Foundation has been established by the R. Vincent Dioguardi family. It is to be funded by a joint and survivor insurance policy with a face value of $2 million upon maturity. This is to be used initially for special projects and selected scholarship programs. The investment strategy for this fund should be conservative with all of the funds being invested in fixed income securities.

The Charles W. Denko Foundation established this Donor Advised Fund with an initial contribution of $150,000 in December of 2001. Dr. Denko is the husband of Dr. Joanne Decker-Denko who has established a separate Donor Advised Fund. It is the intent of the donor to contribute $1 million to the Beaver County Foundation over the next several years. The major beneficiary of the dividends, interest and principal of this fund is to be Geneva College and several churches in the Ellwood City area. Investments should be conservative to assure funds area available for distribution. Distributions have been made to Geneva College in support of construction of their science building.

The Beaver County Bar Association Fund was established on July 19, 2002 as the charitable vehicle for the association. The purpose of the fund is to support community oriented programs and events from time to time. It will be funded from periodic contribution made through the Bar Association

The Economy Borough Veterans Memorial Fund was established in 2006 by a group of Economy residents to create, construct and maintain a memorial recognizing those who served our nation with the ultimate sacrifice.

The John Kotun Fund. This fund was created in 2007, with an initial deposit of $500. John Kotun, a 1998 graduate of South Side Beaver County High School, was injured while skiing in Utah. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to families and individuals with serious injuries. Payments are only made to agencies and not individuals.

The McLaughlin Family Cemetery Fund. This fund was established by John R., and Joetta “Nicki” Z. McLaughlin with an initial deposit of $5,000. The purpose of the fund is to provide funds to pay for the ordinary and necessary expenses of operating, maintaining, and improving the cemetery, to buy cemetery property; and to create a fund that will provide a source of income for the perpetual care of the McLaughlin Cemetery and create a reasonable reserve for any ordinary and necessary purpose.

The Pisgah Fund was established on April 15, 2003 by individuals who wanted to support the campus ministry of Geneva College. Pisgah is the name of the mountaintop from which Moses looked over the Promised Land. Income from the fund helps support the Christian outreach of Geneva College

The Eugene F. and Margaret Moltrup Jannuzi Foundation was created by Eugene F. Jannuzi as a memorial to his wife Margaret. The “fund” was established on July 30, 2004 with an initial cash contribution by Eugene F. Jannuzi of $100,000 in the form of a charitable remainder trust. Additionally, the “fund” is the named beneficiary of several life insurance policies.  Distribution from the “fund” will favor certain church groups and several upper Beaver Valley social service organizations.

The Blackwood Foundation was established by W. Richard Blackwood on October 5, 2004 with an initial contribution of $100,000. The purpose of the fund is to support programs of interest to the donor mainly in the upper Beaver Valley. Such programs include those related to golf for youth, the Humane Society, and various social service organizations.

Korean-Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund was established on November 19, 2004 by the Beaver County Times and its Controller, Ed Metzger. The fund is the result of an effort started by Brighton Township resident Paul E. Lanning, a Korean War Veteran. The Times began a fund raising effort in early 2003 and the memorial was dedicated on November 9, 2003. A similar effort was conducted in 1983 to construct a Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on November 11, 1983. Some $54,682 was raised beyond the cost of both memorials and as a result this fund was created to provide maintenance and upkeep of the memorials. A committee consisting of the President of the Vietnam Veterans, the Beaver County Director of Veterans Affairs and a representative of the Beaver County Times will advise the Foundation of the needs to maintain the memorials.

The Bloom-O’Data Fund was established to support religious and charitable causes such as the Lutheran Church, Geneva College, the Medical Center and the Humane Society.  It was established by Beaver County Foundation founder, Charles O’Data and his wife, Marilyn.  Funds were held as a Certificate of Deposit but in 2005 were moved to the Trust Department for investment.

The Beaver County Law Enforcement Memorial Fund agreement was signed, by the Beaver County Chiefs of Police Association, Beaver Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4, and the James Naim Memorial Lodge #26 on December 16, 2006. Each of the founding organizations contributed an initial deposit of $1800 and the fund was opened in January of 2007.   The fund was established to provide financial stability for the long-term care and promotion of the law enforcement memorial erected in Agnew Square, Beaver, PA, in 2005.   It will provide the funds for general maintenance, upkeep, and capital needs associated with preserving the memorial, as well as, support for expansion and memorial events.    The treasurer of the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund Committee was designated as advisor for the fund.

Beaver Valley Chiefs of Police Association established a found in July 2007 with an initial gift of $15,000. The fund is to be used for training, continuing education, and communication within the chief’s association.

The Blanche E. and George B. Shaw Jr. Fund is a donor advised fund established by the Shaw’s daughter Sarah Shaw Wright on July 12, 2014 with a gift of $20,000. Income from the fund is to be used to support the Beaver Area Heritage Foundation, the Beaver Memorial Library, and the scholarship funds administered by the Beaver Area Education Foundation and the Rochester High School Alumni Association.

The Trinity Fund is established to provide financial support to agencies who help meet the needs of low income citizens of Beaver County. Eligible recipients are local non-profit organizations whose target population includes individuals and multi-person households who have exhausted all other funding resources for utilities, rental, medical and transportation assistance. The name of this Fund was inspired by Saint Ephrem who explained the Holy Trinity as “The sun is the Father, the light is the Son, and the warmth is the Holy Spirit.” May the Holy Spirit be upon the recipients of this Fund and reaffirm their self-worth, dignity and faith in God.

The Beaver County Partnership for Community and Economic Growth Fund was established in 2016 to encourage, promote and provide resources for community and economic growth in Beaver County.

The IDAC Fund was started in 2017 to provide for payment of costs, expenses or contributions in support of fostering awareness of inclusion, diversity and values of cultural competency in Beaver County and surrounding areas.

Organizational Endowments

The Foundation has the ability to manage organization endowments. Currently, there are three organizational endowments within the Foundation.  Individuals may make contributions to the foundation for the benefit of these organizations. For information on how to assist these organizations through outright or planned gifts donors may contact the Foundation.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  These funds are for the long-term security of the Big Brother and Big Sister organization.

Early Childhood Success Fund. This fund was established on December 21, 2009. The purpose of the fund is to provide endowed funds for early childhood programs such as Head Start in Beaver County.

The Women’s Center of Beaver County. The purpose of the Fund is to provide resources for the organization and its charitable purposes, so long as the organization is recognized as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c)(3) for the Code. It is explicitly understood by all parties to the agreement that the purpose of the Fund is for long-term financial stability, to provide general operating funds as well as funds for capital needs of the Women’s Center.

NAMI Beaver County Endowment Fund. This fund provides resources for NAMI Beaver County, PA. NAMI Beaver County (the National Alliance on Mental Illness Beaver County) supports, educates and advocates for all persons with mental illness, their families and friends.

Funds within the Foundation may be created for as little as $5,000.

The Beaver County Foundation is able to create a Foundation within a Foundation.  Individuals or businesses who establish a fund in the amount of $300,000 or more may choose to name the fund a “foundation.” Technically, the fund would function as a donor advised fund of the Beaver County Foundation.

The Beaver County Foundation has the ability to establish and manage charitable trusts, insurance gifts and other forms of planned gifts. For more information, interested persons may contact Charles N. O’Data, President, and Theresa M. Laderer, Executive Director.

Updated:  December, 2017